Training Plan

½ Marathon Training Plans

The half marathon is a great length of run, although it doesn’t take the commitment needed for a marathon, stamina and speed endurance are still crucial. The following are six 12 week plans that depend on your level.

Sub 2hrs30min plan, ideal for beginners
Target times: 2:15 to 2:30 (run/walk) (race pace: sub-11:26 per mile). You should be capable of either a sub-1:05 10K, a sub-1:55 10-miler or a sub- 6:00 marathon. Training will be three days a week, with an average weekly mileage of 15 miles.

This Week’s Target
Your first week’s target is to run just inside goal half-marathon pace for 10K.This may be difficult if you are below normal fitness when beginning the schedules, or easy if you are starting the schedules in good shape. Either way, progress steadily, and be realistic. If in doubt, it’s maybe best to start an easier schedule and move up as the weeks progress.

This Week’s Target
At the end this week, there is the target of a 10K race. This should be run quicker than the 10K in Week One and certainly inside your goal halfmarathon pace. Alternatively, you could run a 10K time trial.

This Week’s Target
For most groups, this week’s target is to run 10 miles at, or near, your target half-marathon pace. This can be at a race, though choice may be limited, or in a time trial. We haven’t put a race target in for the this run-walk group, though it would be possible to do a 10-miler as part of the training that weekend.

This Week’s Target
For this week’s 10K target race we are suggesting a flat-out effort: As long as you take it easy after the 10K, the effort will enhance your half-marathon prospects the following week.

Hints and tips

Run walk method – Practice run / walking three or four times a week and the length of the walks will gradually become shorter.You can complete a ½ marathon by run / walking

Do I need to run more than 13 miles in my training? - No. If you are just looking to get round the distance you should be capable on the day if you have only ran 10 miles or so previously. If however you are looking to try and achieve a good time or you are a fast and experienced runner you should definitely be running more than the 13 miles in your training.

Pace – Avoid sudden bursts of speed, try to keep your pace to a steady and reasonable speed. It is a long distance so you don’t want to burn out.

Re-fuel – As it is a long race you want to re-fuel as you go, it is more vital to keep hydrated and fuelled than during a shorter race. Ideally drink 400ml of energy drink before the race and then keep it topped up at regular intervals throughout the run.

Tapering –Two week before race day start to taper off your training, slow it down. Your last really long run, perhaps your longest before race day should be three weeks before. Then start to wind down the volume and intensity of your training but not the frequency.

(All plans have been based on expert trainers tips from Runners world)